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Museum For 1 Day: A unique experience!

Museum For 1 Day is a very special way of visiting a museum. The program is specifically designed for elderly people in nursing homes who are not able to visit a regular museum anymore.
A well-trained storyteller brings the collection alive together with the inhabitants.
The storyteller involves the inhabitants actively in the stories by letting them listen, see, feel, smell and taste, and by stimulating them to interact with the presentation.

Museum For 1 Day is erected for a morning or afternoon in the trusted environment of the inhabitants. The collection consists of cultural heritage and contemporary art objects from a variety of local museums. The objects and the stories evoke curiosity, stimulate the senses and bring personal memories and stories from the elderly to life.
Museum For 1 Day is experienced as an inspiring and educational gift to the people who enjoy the cosy atmosphere.

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For more background information you can download these articles written by Angela Manders:

Best practices 2014

ICOM/CECA proceedings - Symposium Museum Education and Accessibility, Washington 2015

Foundation Museum For 1 Day
Foundation Museum For 1 Day aims to make art and cultural heritage accesible to a wide audience, with special attention for the most vulnerable groep in our society.
For more information please go to the contactform (in dutch) or send an e-mail to
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Museum For 1 Day works together with partners in the cultural and healthcare fields to be able to reach as many elderly people as possible.